Dobrý deň milí hostia,

sme najstaršou dobovou reštauráciou v Bratislave s dlhoročnou tradíciou. Prestížna lokalita Palisád, bohatý výber jedál a nápojov, príjemná obsluha a interiér v historickom štýle sú spoľahlivou zárukou spokojnosti našich hostí. Ponúkame vám zážitkovú gastronómiu inšpirovanú francúzskou kulinárskou školou, obohatenú o niektoré prvky európskej kuchyne, najmä z románskej oblasti.

Welcome, dear guests!

We are the oldest historical-style restaurant in Bratislava with a very long tradition. Prestigious location of Palisády, a fine selection of food and drinks, friendly service and historically decorated interior definitely is a guarantee of satisfaction of our guests. We offer an unforgettable gastronomy inspired by the French culinary school, enriched by some elements of the European cuisine, particularly the Romanesque area. Please feel welcome and try on your own. Taste the famous specialties of our chef, who is a master in combining flavours and scents of always fresh ingredients. The result is a dining experience of a highest level, after which you will definitely not regret your decision to visit us.

Tasty food absolutely asks for a glass of delicious wine. It would be a sin not to taste some, so we recommend you leave the car at home and enjoy a real gastronomic delight with everything that our winery or bar offers. We hope to see you soon and we’re pleased to be able to introduce you the delicacies from our menu.

Bon Appetit, the Three Musketeers at your service!

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